GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Pics of halloween from Yanie


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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pics of halloween from Yanie

Yanie was right, are we cat-walking, I DONT rememebr This!!!!!

I was laughing like hell wen i saw this, Kim, MUahahah , she really takes the Cake for this one, fuckin Mabok or what!!!!

Those hand-made holes...I dont remember letting yanie take this either!!! Hehehhe..look like a horse, crunching on those Oats...


Anonymous Dawn said...

hey babe, thanks very much for your comment in my guestbook. Its really heartening to know that I'm not the only one out there who's been subjected to such strange cruelties of the human psych, and that there r some ppl out who there understand. I too started becoming lost, cold n wary of ppl when they started talkin crap n makin up stuff behind my back. I agree, SG is jus too small n rumor-hungry a place. But well, as long as we know we've got our heads screwed on right while theirs is jus plain messed up, we'll b alright :) so rock on!! ur blog is cool n u seem to b havin loads of fun...n as u may have heard thousands of times, u're soo pretty! will b checkin back for more of ur updates cheerios!

5:21 pm  

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