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Monday, October 06, 2008

Don't blink!

Been a good 1 month since I've said anything!!!
Time flies and the whole excitement of the F1 has come and gone,
but of course the memorabilia of the inaugural World's 1st night race
in the heart of Singapore city centre will be a good wall piece for many...

Yes! It was Hot and Sweaty...but all so worth it.
I was lucky enough to watch the race from the boxes in the aircon,
while a corridor of food lay before all of us throughout the day,
with people red and jolly from the free flow beverages!
I have to say though, in Brazil last year they had a massive Moet and Chandon counter
with Rose champs, which I MUCH preferred than to the official F1 champs Mumm:(

There were also free seating grandstand seats if we wanted to hear and smell the cars and track
and we could see the cars going around the 1st corner.

After following this whole season, I have to admit that this definitely was one of the most exciting races of the Season, of course with the added value that I was there watching it.
Massa was metres away when he drove off with his fuel pipe still attached to his tank, allowing Hamilton to be 7 points ahead at the end of the race and leaving the Brazilian in 13th though he started from pole position.

Poo to the Ferrari bosses who made such sore comments that it was a 'Circus' track that brought shame to the F1.

Who i must give heads up to is Bernie Ecclestons comments that well if it was a 'Circus' track in Ferrari's words, Ferrari must be lauded for Providing the 'Clowns'-HAhahhaaAhaAh amazing comeback.....

Which brings me toooo....

I actually got to meet the billionaire Bernie E (looking like a Gremlin) and who else, Singapore's very own Lee Hsien Loong!!! How? Talk about timing! I was about to stomp off after all my company had a chance at the F1 simulator, AND thinking I had no time before 'VIPs' arrived (unknown who they were to us), i was called back and after a horrendous, slow round of the simulated course, I get out of the car, only to find the doors to the booth closed and the entourage of bodyguards and ministers!
SO handshakes and Paparazzi shots later, my failure as a F1 driver was forgotten!!!!

I got plenty of other Paparazzi shots of other random drivers and the Paddock club surroundings. I have to say singapore pulled it off in the 10 months we waited for all of this happen and I'm so proud of the country's achievments.

There certainly is no other place to be in the next 5-10 years, depsite the prediction of an economy slump due to the US Market....F1...Casino, Theme Park...and so much more...
ALOT to look for! If your not here, get your ASS to Singapore for a Holiday. if not Move back!!!

AHahah I'll leave you some pictures of the F1, my birthday!!! Friends b'days etc!!!!

Peace out!!

Claire Jedrek

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