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Thursday, August 28, 2008

UK 2008 summer

Amazing weather, soaking up the Sun...

Funny shop sign!

The offroad dirt buggies that I kinda crashed at 40m/h
and ended up with much pain the next day and cuts and bruises!

This insane 1000cc Aprilia done up with carbon fibre parts!
Very Sick!!!!How could I not resist climbing on!

The Grumpiest couple of Swans in the history of animal kind!

What you call Fly Fishing, I got frustrated but got the hang of feeding the wire
manually through and casting it out!!!

Killing our Trout catch! Nice hit to the Head!

I was told to imgaine someone I don't like and take a crack
with the shotguns at shooting the clay pigeons(plates)!
No animals were harmed so don't worry, but it
was soo much fun and alot easier then i thought,
though the next morning
my shoulder hurt form the shotguns recoil which could have been lessened
if I had pressed the gun tighter into my shoulder!!!!
I could have done it ALL day!

Randoms of Amsterdam-8 hour transit so a trip to the VanGogh museum!


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