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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Morton's Incredible size steaks!

Tuesday night I went for a friends birthday at Morton's Steak House in Marina Mandarin Hotel and honestly, I didn't know Steaks came in that size. I had no idea you could get $100 steaks, but in truth, it was true American size steaks!!! HUUUGEEEeee....

A Double-cut Filet Mignon was about 5" by 3" and 3" in height..HUGE!!!!!! I knew they were famous for their happy hour Martini's which by the way are strong as hell!!!
Was an amazing dinner and even randomly bumped in to Sheik Haikal and Annabel but then again Singapore is small. Chances are I will be back there for the amazing size Beef steaks, if you get the chance go there at least ONCE!

Its atmosphere is much of an American bar filled with wallstreet business men or traders. I wouldn't exactly say it's a family restaurant either! It is quite noisy and busy and cramped with ables pulled out for you to sit in !

Wednesday & Thursday
I carried on filming with Nokia's 14 days Nseries and shot at night from 5.30pm -2.30am and it's all about the N82's navigation map function and having supper at night with your friends! I have one more filming tomorrow night to finish up that episode and in the mean time the 2nd part to the last episode will be out soon!!!


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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