GIRL-INTERRUPTED: GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 - My Days out are Numbered!!!!


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Sunday, June 15, 2008

GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 - My Days out are Numbered!!!!

Clothes Washed
Dinner Eaten
Played NEW PS3

Yes , I got a new PS3!!!! And instead of the 2 shitty games they didn't have in stock,
I was given the NEW GRAND AUTO THEFT IV...Wooohoooooo...
My days out are long gone, when i Can mug, steal and Deal....
too bad you can't multi play unless online~
You even get a Map that shows you where you are and where to go !

anyone a Big Game Junkie here?!?
Xbox or PS3 or even PC.
I've always loved PC RPG games, and a little trivia about myself
I used to be a MAJOR COUNTERSTRIKE fan. I spent about 1 year back
in 2000 to 2001 playing that game in Lan Game shops in Katong Shopping Centre!
Heehee!!!Here are some of the Video shots and Game Covers!!!
If you can get online to play WICKED! Let me know to join alliance*winks*

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Blogger Fluxevz said...

xbox 360 me likes..DotA you got play?..GTA series is the best game ever la..enjoy ur new ps3,hehe

9:47 pm  
Blogger Email: said...

i know been pLAying since 430 its now 10 50!!! argh!

10:49 pm  
Anonymous b-kiddo said...

used to play CS as well yons back, those were the days when if u aint playin CS, your friends will label ya a mountain turtle.

for console games, sadly, i am still playin my cuz PS2, and i only soley stick to Winning Eleven football game. heh

Am still lan gammin occassionally too, that is if time permits. Am still battling out in the Company of Heroes.

5:14 am  

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