GIRL-INTERRUPTED: DFS Galleria Re-Opening and Bali Charity Event-Friday 13th


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DFS Galleria Re-Opening and Bali Charity Event-Friday 13th

SO me and the Girls, Alicia Pan , Jojo, and Meishung made it DFS at 9.30pm
for their re-opening of the galleria after a major renovation ,
which was also in conjunction with the Bali Charity Event,
where anything bought in DFS was going to Charity as well as items,
mainly liquor on bid.

Being female we ended up to the 'Sephora' Makeup section
and all of us bought some form of makeup, but it was all in good cause!

It was the familiar faces that you usually see somehow
and the usual red carpet walk through, take a picture up against the backdrop,
sign the board. There was a great selection of drinks and canapes on the rounds.
They have done the place up nicely but in honest truth I don't remember
the last time I stepped in there was. The selection was slightly limited with
all the brands clumped to one section, but tastefully done!

A few photos captured by Alicia in Galleria and by 'Sephora'
which you can ONLY get in DFS or from the States!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

Dress from Bebe

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