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Monday, June 23, 2008

As easy as climbing a mountain!

I'm not sure if any of you get this, but sometimes when you LOOK young you tend to feel immune to getting older! Well I've looked the same from about the age of 18 when i was breaking it down at Youth park EVERY single day after college, getting my face down on the dirty floor for HOURS and sometimes hitting the skate park at the same time.
Well today I didn't have as much energy as I did running on 2 pieces of toast the whole day.
First up at 2.30pm I went back to my old Secondary school Cedar Girls School and started the Dance Club's first Breakdancing Basics. Teaching for 2 hours is no joke to a big class of 38 girls.I taught them the basics of Toprock, 6-step, shuffling, footwork and the most basic of freezes, the Baby Freeze. The management thought it was a good idea to have an old girl teach them. They were alot more quieter then back in our days! Some were just born when I first came Singapore..Argh...!!!!!

I ended up splitting the class in 2 meaning I had to repeat all my moves 2 times on top of the personal help i gave each individual. Cedar is under renovation now so they have moved to temporary grounds in Geylang Bahru which was a NIGHTMARE to find! I must have rode around in circles for 15 minutes!

Anyway after leaving 15 minutes later at 4.45pm I made my way to Taka's Pure Yoga and did the Hot Yoga session at 5.30pm till 6.30pm, in a room which is heated to 38 degrees. But i think it was a TAD bit hot and I felt dizzy. the last 5 minutes, I lay there and then couldn't take it anymore and asked Katie the instructor if I could leave and she said i had to stick it out. In which she turned off the heating.

I wonder if she thought I was being 'Kiasu' and making a dash to the toilets first so I would miss the crowd. Just a thought if she understood that I was feeling dizzy! Hmmm. I tend to over heat quite easily as well and its very obvious when I'm struggling becuase my face goes red like tomato when everyone else looks peaceful and I get a headache!
I'm pretty sure those are good enough signs!!!

So, no more 2 intense lesson and classes one after another...and to EAT a snack bar for energy in between......

Anyway made it home and had a nice big bowl of Chunky soup for dinner!!!
Anyone up to anything interesting over the weekend???
Football predictions? I hear Germany is gonna win!?!
and as for Singapore their battle to get in to the World cup for football has ended this year!

Ohoh, I will write up on the new AMAZING 3D TV's and the movies I went to see recently that include, The Incredible Hulk and Get Smart!

Adios Amigos!
Tonight I will be going to see "DOn't Mess with the Zohan"
How can you not love Adam Sandler hehehehe.. Peace out

ErialC aka Claire-Louse jedrek

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Anonymous Mar said...

HEY Miss Claire! The breakdancing was awesomeeee :D
Can't wait for the next class~

3:08 pm  
Blogger Email: said...

hey no problems ... hope you guys are able to remember what i taught you !

2:42 pm  

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