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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Milli Vanilli, THE 80's IS BACK

So Sunday evening, I hosted a friends wedding, and the usual suspects turned up
in relation to Twiggy aka Yasmin who got married to Marc Lazaroo
at Furama RiverFront.

Of course the Eurasians always brought a party with them
as they were shuffling on the dancefloor.
Twiggy looked amazing with her J-Lo hair. Congratulations once again.
Of course with Miss Kimberley Olsen, Aishah Ashburn, Ain and Andrew Ng
in tow, we couldn't help but spice somethings up in the couples room,
when we stole into their martial room and Me and Kim
decided to put on the Grooms clothes from his 1st appearance!

And Kim was right when we looked OLd ScHooL 80's Milli Vanilli...
ErialC & Notorious KiM
starring as Milli Vanilli
Don't know who they are CLick HerE!!!
HAHAHhahaha Baggy and Saggy.
All We needed was the Poofy , permed locks....HAhAHA,
We also found Yasmin's camera that she had left so Delicately on the table
and took that and started snapping away knowing she'd come back and find a tonne of imaginative pictures with items from their room,
so when they are posted by her I'll be sure to post them!!!

Ofcourse I had my elegant moments!!!
Enjoy the Pictures

Mr&Mrs Lazaroo, Andrew,Aishah, Kim, Ain, ClaireMe and the Newly Weds

Oh you can't escape toilet moments
Andrew and Aishah
Mariah Carey
Me and Mariah

Peace and Juicy Carrots!

ErialC aka Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Blogger BillyWarhol said...

Sweet Petunias Claire!!

Laffing @ da Milli Vanilli altho Girl U Know it's True***********

I Love U**********

;)) xoxo Peace*

2:09 pm  
Blogger Email: said...

ahhayeah it was funnie after we reviewed pictures. all the baggy clothes actually can see my jeans underneath:S

5:12 pm  

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