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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SO I fished with the Tankers!

12 hours on a boat, didn't sound too bad in all honest truth!
Only thing is I didn't catch ANYTHING, other then a battle with a LARGE
snag 20 meters below with the sea bed.
But I wasn't alone, out of 4 of us, only 1 caught 2 snappers
and his 1st fish, he didn't even know.
We hauled our lines in because the captain was moving the boat.

Did I mention this trip was organised by One degree 15 Marina???
So they hired the boat, we got our own rods, tackles, bait etc.
and we had 2 other old boys who paid for the trip.
Here was the lead up to our Boat trip of sleep deprivation!
Picked live prawns up from some random old shop in West coast Drive,
stuck the bait in to a cooler box with a bubble blower for oxygen!

Packed our stuff back home, dumped it in the car and drove to Vivo.

Bought 4 boxes of SPizza and bags of ice.

Parked at One degree 15 loaded and got on the boat, not forgetting waiting for the 2 old boys who were half an hour late!

Fished, snagged, fished, told we were going 4 different locations but in reality
we swear the guy drove us in circles back to the same place.

As for Southern Waters, what it really means is, 1-2 kilometers away from
the Singapore Flyer (which was in sight) and in amongst the giant tankers.
Couple of hopeful snags later, I went to sleep at 5am and woke at 6.30ish plus
when i was somewhat freezing. I climbed down to the first level and found no one
else had caught anything else.

Well it was a good talk with a gazillion cans of beer, coke sprite and redbull
and even some stingray and jellyfish sightings
that in actual fact turned out to be a BIg white Plastic bag and cup!

So a few words, DON'T FISH in the SOUTHERN WATERS EVER.
1. More tankers then Fish
2.Cheaper to go to Malaysia for 2 days
Ofcourse unless you like being sleep deprived and can talk for 12 hours straight.

Well next trip MALAYSIA here we come next month or so.
For 4 people on a 2 day (all day fishing)/ 1 night its something like
900 Ringgit a boat, 180 Ringgit (per person) a night stay in a chalet.
Equipment bring it yourself, bait i'm sure they'd provide.

Anyone else go fishing? ANy recommendations?

Claire-Louise Jedrek

Live prawns, the old man and that cat and her prawn

They said your going on a sports fishing boat
they didn't tell us that was Her NAME

The Crew
Random Tankers
The 1st of his 2 accidental catches from Our Crew
The boatmasters catch from One Degree 15

Singapore Playground
Morning has broken!
Back amongst the Luxury Yachts!

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The fish might be mutated too :p

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