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Monday, April 28, 2008

What you mean SOLD out?!?

Would you believe it??
Tickets for the Singapore Drift were SOLD OUT!
I was brutally disappointed when we go to the grounds
only to see a sign in the distance saying 'Tickets sold out'
and we had to make a U-turn back out of that all exclusive pass Entrance,
finding solace from planes taking off and that the F1 was later that evening!
Funny thing is a friend said it really wasn't as good as I thought it would be
and she and her friends left after 1 hour???? EH??? I don't register this?
Answers someone???

Boy were we bummed. There can only be a few reasons to such a sell out:
1)It was all planned not to make as many tickets to make it Exclusive!
2)They didn't expect it to have such a huge turnout and be so successful!
3)They simply didn't print enough tickets!

What we can deduce though, is that the guy who sunk his money into this,
made a FORTUNE!!!!
And next year, judging from this competition and show-case
it will be bigger and Better.
I'm still pouting though!
Such good weather too! I guess I should have bought at Sistec outlets
but who would think it would be so popular.
I saw A LOT of nice cars plus a lot of Malaysians who drove up
for no reason left like broken branches at the side roads....

Well at least I can ramble on about the F1!!!
DUDE I was up n ARMS and left mouth open after Alonso's car ran itself in and caught Fire!
He was 2nd on the grid and I had faith in him to be in Pole Position
or at least top 5 since Spain was his home ground and
the crowds were looking down upon him like a the hero he is!

Well I then went to support my back up man, Lewis Hamilton ,who didn't falter at 3rd position.
What ever it is, my prediction (sadly) is that Overall winners are
1)Kimi Raikkonen
2)Felipe Massa
3) Lewis Hamilton
Ferarri are looking unstoppable with BMW behind them now!
This race in Barcelona was by FAR one of the MOST exciting
with 9 drivers out of 22 crashing out the race for various reasons.
I didn't realise but there was a live results feed, that managed
to keep me updated on what was going on to who and how!
I'll post pictures tomorrow as I got silly excited about it even though
SOMEONE thought I was weird for taking pictures of it on the computer screen!
Next Race in 2 weeks Sunday in TURKEY.

A write-up tomorrow about the short summary of Sunday's race.
My day wasn't a waste after all!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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