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Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Dingalings!

Was an fruitful weekend being a tourist somewhat but not forgetting
Zouk's 17th Anniversary Bash on Saturday-
with its Kookie get ups and weird t-shirt designs!!!

i wore my Zouk-tshirt as a Skirt!!! Wasn't the most flattering but Was all for fun!!! Tucked inthe sleeves and they looked like pockets. Was a jovial, party mood, with everyone slowly having a permanent smile etched on their faces as the free-flow champagne was passed around!!!Ha ha! Lot's of balloons, weird costumes, drag queens and CAKES!!!!

I will get more pictures up once I can find them but here is a few!!!!
Speaking about being a tourist I managed to sneak in the
Songs of the Sea & Underwater World
We all felt like 10 year old kids OOOoo and Ahhhing to the fish. Best part for me was feeding the sting rays!!!! They sucked on your fingers trying to get the sliced fish from in between your fingers!!! This was actually my first time in underwater word after all the years living here!

Went for a swim down at KM8 which was the busiest I've ever seen it, but the water was questionable and the smell! So we left the beach and back to base!

Weather has been great this last week so swimming ad tanning is a definite yes to all!!! I find it weird how peopel wnat to be Chicken skin white! Being white is all thats promoted on TV etc. The exact opposite fro overseas! But well one man's meat is another's' poison!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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