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Friday, April 18, 2008

Isabelle Caro

After reading in the newspaper about Anorexia in yesterdays newspaper, I went to look up on this woman from Marseilles, France.
She suffers from severe anorexia. Her weight has been as low as 25kg (55 pounds) at a height of 1.65m (5'5"), but her most recent weight being 33kg (73 pounds).

This is CBS's program on her weight and life-it is completely Shocking !!!The embed feature has been disabled so click on this link below!

She was also involved in a anti-anorexia advertisement which shows her pictured naked as you can see above. Unbelievable that she is still alive!!! Barely!

Claire-Louise jedrek

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Anonymous bishan - kiddo said...

it's sad really. i dont quite understand why some would go to the extend of not eating to stay pretty.

But i do admire her courage in spreadin the word to others,and not afraid to pose her scrawny-self to educate ppl abt the danger of anorexia.

3:08 am  

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