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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Religion: A way of living???

Thanks guys for answering My poll on the sidebar about whether I looked better dark-haired or light-haired. Majority answering that I looked better with dark-hair. I believe so too and thus last week I dyed it back!!!! I beg to differ on blondes having all the fun!

Anyway my new poll was inspired by catching a program on cable
about the Prophet Mohamed
(did I spell that right? tell me if I haven't).

It talked about his life as an orphan growing up in the divided country he came from and how he reunited his people and other countries around him even 100 years after his death.
He called upon people not to see him as Another Jesus who did miracles
because he did no such thing but
rather about his teachings of how life should be and how we should treat people etc.

In the program he reunited and more or less created Islam
by getting rid of the many other Idols that people prayed to-
it spurred me to think on whether Religion is a way of living
in the sense of like when you read a book for instance on how to have peace with yourself
or anger management i.e. books on self-improvement.

Is religion a source of focus that people build their lives around.
Is the Bible or Quran really a book of morales-
a Set of rules for us to follow in case we forget what is right or wrong?

OR is it really about worshipping or giving thanks to a greater being or power for what we have
and about giving us strength and hope etc... in times of uncertainty FOR INSTANCE.

Here's one last Question i'll Poll next week!
Would there be no Religion if we had all the scientific answers!
(the end of science basically)
Think about it!
Not a controversial subject, more of thought as I , Myself am not that religious,
More curious and respectful of others who are highly religious!
Depending on what religion means to them!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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