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Saturday, April 12, 2008

WhoopWhoop its De sound of De Police!

Sirens+Wind+Lightening & Thunder +Boats Rocking = Storm warning!!! Singapore has storm warnings? Well apparently so as I found out on Sentosa. A woman's voice is mysteriously heard like some dictator styled invisible island megaphone after sirens wailing for a couple of minutes. Only thing is they need to turn the volume up cause she sounds like some nurse over the hospital intercom "paging for Dr. XYZ to report to the radiology please."

I gotta say though the rain storms are alot more dramatic down south here! Trees thrashing about, boats rocking, water floats flying off balconies. Sounds all rather exciting doesn't it? Well thats as exciting as it gets in Singapore!

But I've always been one to sit and just watch. I love the cold wind, the overcast Grey skies with the blackness of the storm seeping the skies like ink dropped in water. One day I will definitely go to the states to do something extreme like tornado chasing.

I think it's all rather entrancing seeing and feeling the power of nature moving across the earth at hundreds of kilometres an hour. If you know of such tour packages, count me in!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek
PS:Useless info-You'd think that USA has the most number of tornadoes, actual fact its UK!!!!

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