GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Is it just Rice Hysteria ???


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Monday, April 07, 2008

Is it just Rice Hysteria ???

I know being 'Kiasu' was a good thing in a previous post, but it can be slightly over cooked in the case of this 'imminent' rice shortage that every one in the demographics of either old, middle-aged, probably Female and bored is running out to stock up on.

Is it just a case of mass hysteria stirred up by the press?

Will it be really necessary for Singaporeans to switch to Wheat products and reduce rice consumption as they had to in an apparent Vaguely similiar situation in the 70's?

Lets see how this commotion on countries that produce rice pans out with the reduction of existing export contracts and export quantities, as well as the non-renewal of contracts.

It's said the prices of rice will be inflated around the region-including Singapore ,
but then we hear from ministers that staple food products will be going up anyway.
A way to keep Singaporeans calm amidst the drama?
Let's wait and see if there is a cause for worry!
In the mean time, I'll start on my book,
'101 ways to cook a potato'.

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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