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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bahrain F1

Sitting here watching the live telecast of the F1 in Bahrain. My favourite Alonso (not so much for Renault) is in 10th position with 5 laps to go. He's been fairly consistent in those rankings and as for Lewis Hamilton-yikes-
He started off 3rd position on the grid, but if you've been watching he started off ultra slow,
while everyone from behind passed him by-What is going on?
He also managed to hit into the back end of Alonso?!??!?!
He's in 13th position with 3 laps to go!

Massa is up in 1st after his Sepang upset after spinning off into the gravel.
The commentator just made a comment
that he doesn't think Massa is champion material- ouch!
What we do know is he's hungry and he's the race winner!!!!

1st: Massa (Ferrari)

2nd: Raikkonen (Ferrari)

3rd: Kubica (BMW)

So after Australia, Malaysia and Bahrain- I look forward to SPAIN.
Of course its a countdown to Singapore's Night Races.
Exciting Times!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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