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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RIP Chris Benoit

{I thought another wrestler lost to a HEart Attack, but looks like it was more than meets the eye and this Wrestler who was meant to come down to SIngapore snapped and killed his family and hiself. RIP Chris Benoit!}

Sunshine after the rain, okay ALOT better day, thanks for the comments. What ever it is i shall just becareful in future! The rain really does have a powerfull effect but its somewhat like a cleansing ritual, hahah okay, well, anyway..enough of he moping, just a'moment' i had...lets get back to the frivolous natterings and being "self obsessed'" hahahaaha as someone put it...

I headed out last night anywhohah before the whole tropical storm last night with Leon, Firdaus and Nado (all into Djing one way or another) who picked me up to head to Upper Thomson Prata place..The usual bumming aorund, with a Delish Banana Prata for me. WE even then tried to find a LAN shop to play CounterStrike for an hour, we all used to play inthe days. WE found a shop but... they only did WArCRaft-those bloody Swines!

And then we proceeded to have silly conversations which involved Leon asking :Eh penguin is a bird ah? After all our YESYESYES...Nado suddenly says "the other night we had a conversation on ostriches and if the bury their heads?" Er AHahahaah well not exactly all intellectual conversations BUT CUZ i was BORED yesterday I did go find out, its a Myth for everyone elses Info. Ostriches DO NOt Bury their heads.

Well i seem to have alot of catching up with loading of pics. Thats what happens when you get a ne camera and become Trigger Happy...Now everyone thinks all i do is party and for your information, someone left an earlier comment- er no my life is not glamourous or anything to be jealous of, don't be silly!!! I just like to get out the house and not sit at home Moping!

ARGH AND i PROMISE next one i write will be on the whole modelling industry thing -my bad-i'll get around to it!

Claire Jedrek aka ErialC
Gotta keep busy!
Friday 22nd June 2007- Dinner with Charles!

PArty Pitstop 1:VelvertDragon PhantomModel's Party
Lut, Mardy,Scott, me and forgot american fella.

SAni in his rx8,squeezingin withhim, leon and i forgot a ..bboy?

Pitstop 2:Butter Factory: the night wherer the sound system died!
Leon aka inquisitive
That CAmera Dude Again!AM?

Pitstop 3 :ZOuk:too tired yb then left soon after
What a buddy system with clothes guys!

Zouk Saturday 23rd June :Pre DMC warm-ups


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