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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Friday @butter Factory

yeha its me on this months butter factory's second issue Mag, after many shots and this was a made up fun one, they used this, the gloves some reason being had to be in the shot!!!

John&Derek & lord knows some guy from HK that i blocked

No his tongue isn't on my face!Thank God...whats with his pose?

Some random 'popper'dude SHino??? and Gil

Angel and Gil

Er i see him ARound ALot, I forgot his name...must find it out!

Hi we are Mod-elles -We like to Mod-elleing

Me on Butters mag and goodbye girl ANgel

same shit diff pic

yeah i didn't take the pic, neither was i in it. WHo was he?

So these are the pics from 3 different parties that night n one Hella Sweaty Crowded place
Angeline who left back to Canada, some VIp party invited by Gillian, Newman party for some ocvergirl search they had andlast but not least 'Hi we are Hot and Mod-elles' Er thats 4 different lots.anywhohah.................

*has left the haus*


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