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Monday, March 02, 2009

Ferrari 599 more car shopping with the boys from Alexander to Tuas to Town....
M has finally made his mind up and a Ferrari 599 is on the way of course
all spec-ed up courtesy of G. The Superleggera would have been amazing,
but M is 6 foot something so he can't fit in, hahaha. It pays to be small!!!

I can't wait to see it redone in Matt White with all the Carbon-fibre, exhausts etc.
That has been occupying us the last week.
Meaning our weekends were spent driving from place to place,
but I'm not complaining because I was fed well at
The Cliff in Sentosa where M resides not far from.
But then my boys were being hood-rats
with M hanging out the window grabbing a Bhangra CD off B, hogging the roads.
Was funny though.

Went to see Slum-dog Millionaire finally and the cinematography was amazing
but, maybe i was tired or the seats and blanket were making me feel cosy
because 3/4 way thru i dozed off for 15minutes ahahah.
Hmm Slightly draggy towards the end, then the end was amazing!
The kid actors were amazing as well i have to admit!

Seems to be i'm on a movie marathon after not going for almost a year.
Tonight we are all heading to watch 'My Bloody Valentine' 3D
which i'm actually looking forward to. Don't think i've seen a 3d movie since i was 10!

Well, guess I better have fun this week before filming starts on the 9th this month,
then i'm guessing i'll be out on location all day every day, plus the weather seems to
be going bonkers and volatile so it may mean extra hours etc...

CLaire-Louise Jedrek

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