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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mussels from Brussels

Gone are the days of the cheesy 80's action movies
but do i sure know Someone who LOVES his
Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme flicks...
We happend to be watching one 2 days back and i'm sure
this will either make you CRINGE or Laugh out loud!!!!
I recorded it from TV, such a special moment ahhahaha,
if you must pause as we did when she opens her legs,
the costume goes to a TINY V!!!!! Filth!Hahaha...

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Anonymous said...

omg..that is so oldskool~!!

8:39 pm  
Anonymous kennhyn said...

is kinda like porn movie... haha, B-rated style... haha

8:41 pm  
Blogger Arth Akal said...

LOL gotta love JCVD!

8:50 pm  
Blogger Email: said...

know totally right??? soft b grade porn ahahaah with a silly story!

9:03 pm  

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