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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wind my watch would you?

A friend mentioned to us he had bought a watch winder, that also had a clock, a cd player, cigar humidifier and storage for wine/alcohol. We asked how big it was and he was like "hmm er, yeha i guess, like a cabinet". When we actually saw it, it was a FRIDGE!

By Buben & Zorweg (, this Austrian company seem to make these extravagant watch winders/cigar humidifier/clocks/cd players/wine storage. But ofcourse it comes with a hefty price not worth mentioning because does anyone REALLY have 100 watches to store? ahahah my handphone is my best time keeper, if not worse but this certainly was interesting enough to share as something not seen every day, though if you walked into Sincere, you would see the same branded watch winders but a small one!

Which reminds me, we went into Sincere to check out the Franck Mullers and i think its a Master Square ladies watch but it was in Black diamonds which i cant seem to find online in picture, but it was really pretty and i'm not one into watches but it definitely was nice to the eye. Besides that G got a new watch strap for his and decided to go for the sporty matt black rubber one instead of the usual coloured leather, and when did they start making them scented too, this one was vanilla in scent!!!

Was a rushed day somewhat... in the morning i head down to the MOE ECA swimming pool to go see the auditions for the Polo boys which was interesting to say the least, the lunch in town with the parents and then a drink in Four Seasons, though it was pouring down, that the streets were flooded to my ankles!!!

Dressed a friend in Club 21 for a Gold party , headed down to Equinox , with 7 of us in total for dinner, inwhich we will NEVER go for food there again. 2nd time running, we waited 1 hour for food to be served, only for the waiter to tell me they made a mistake and my food will take another 10-15mins?!?!?! Everyone gave me a bit of their dish and then it came 1 minute later! No doubt amazing food for the palette but atrocius service.

We all then headed down to Le noir's lockdown for the Gold/Disco party and then headed home rather early!

The swede and Dr.

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Blogger Harmony the Sleepy Cat said...

You seem to have a busy day everytime.

1:38 pm  
Blogger Email: said...

ahah its good to be busy

3:45 pm  

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