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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5th: Magical Bird Park

The Capetown Bird Park was an unexpected wonderland of birds.
We had heard from the owner of the house we were in that it was a crook
who had collected all these birds illegally.
It was nothing that we had ever expected when we stepped in and paid the 60 Rand($10).

It was a maze of path ways and took us 2 hours plus to finish the trails
of such an amazing variety of parrots, eagles, owls and many other exotic birds.
It gets better! -
What we didn't know was that when you step into the fenced cages
you were in with the birds!!! Every door you opened, stepped into the next big cage.
Meaning people, that we were face to face with all the eagles, owls and every bird imaginable.

The owner also had a fair collection of small monkeys,
the sort that fit in your palm ad made you squeal and stare at for ages!
Fact is, the owner took in these birds from people who had passed away,
donated their birds, injured birds of prey that would never survive
in the wild on its own. People also donated to pay for the birds.

It was the most incredible experience and some what daunting,
but thats what made it extra exciting!!!
Definitely somewhere you MUST visit in Capetown, Hout's Bay!

gorgeous coloured parrots, that spoke to us!!!!

This Colourful bird was jumping around, beautifully painted eyes:)

How cute was this little fells, i was about 2 inches form his precious lil' face!

All time favourite POLISH CHICKENS-check out their head gear!


These pictures have to be proof of how close i was next to them-INCHES!

One eyed peeking owls and golden footed monkeys!

Owls all over the place, above, infront

A look at the cages!check out the owls above their heads!

More tiny weird looking monkeys!

Random Llamas and a Juvenile Baboon!

Meer Cats!

CLaire-Louise Jedrek

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