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Thursday, February 05, 2009

2nd feb-Deep Sea fishing & Rachels Bday

It's a belated shout out, but its to my sister!! Happy Birthday.
On this same day i went out from 7am to 4pm for deep sea fishing.
It wasn't as great as expected, being wrong season and all,
but me and 1 other person managed to catch some Long Tail Tuna

Long tail Tuna's weighing 18-20kg,
so by far the biggest fish I have ever caught in my short 'career' in fishing, haha.

We were strapped up with these odd looking boards to place the big rods in once a fish was hooked on a line and you could hear the reel going crazy! Was all very exciting and somewhat unnerving, but I enjoyed the moment!!!

I have never had any sort of sea sickness ever before, but wow, the 2 times i needed the toilet badly on the constantly moving boat, i had waves of nausea after coming out of the 1/2 m by 1/2m cubicle on the tiny boat. I threw up 2 times, but i wasn't really embarrassed, cause it happens to anyone and when it hits you...breathing in all that Cold, Fresh sea spray won't help at all.
The smell of alcohol, someones ciggy and sandwiches was enough to start the motion of the ocean churning in my tummy!!! What an experience none the less!!! I'd do it all over again for more and bigger fish!

Views leaving Harbour at 8am!Yawn!

My catch!

Tired and Chilling!Check out the gear strapped to my waist!

The Massacre after killing the Tuna

The captain cutting the tuna up for me to bring back!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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