GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Wheres My Walking Stick?


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Friday, May 02, 2008

Wheres My Walking Stick?

My body is achign all over in places un imaginable due to taking a
2day intense crash course, 2 hours at a go on CAPOEIRA!!!
The skin on my two big toes are ripped off, ARGH!
What is it?
Well it's a Brazilian mix of martia arts, game, and dance originated in Brazil.
It consists basically of the Ginga, Attack and Defense.

SOooooo, I'm doing this for a video shoot today
for Velocity that will stream a video of me and another guy,
playing a list of sports as its a sports mall.
So I'll be playing tennis, break dancing and doing Capoeira!!!
i actually think though that I will take it up for workout!
Okay Long day ahead from midday till midnight!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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