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Friday, January 09, 2009


Hey here's something to look at that might interest you , a different slate of pictures...

As of 2009 , its suddenly the 9th!!!? Mid January has hit like a plane on the runway, and it only seems to speed up! What are my resolutions...
Wow it seems a carry on for last year, thing sI never got completed.
1. Driving license -YES I must get it done this YEAR
2.Learn Mandarin
3.Get rid and buy some New shoes.
4. Try different sports I havent tried out yet - Pilates, Muay Thai, Boarding, Boxing?
5. See my friend more!
6. countless of others....

Awsome decoration during Xmas in the Hilton!

Breakfast One Sullen Morning

A Birthday present for G by Scope One,
the best Graff designer in S'pore and an old friend from Skate park days:)
If your interested I can get him in touch with you for a unique present :)

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